Hey There!

My name is Mika. I'm 26 years Visual communication student living in Tel-aviv.

I have to say it is a little bit wierd for me to write about myself, after all this is my first step in the world of design. 

So, in short, design is something that I always felt passion about, so deciding to study visual communication was pretty natural for me but also very challenging - I'm actually going to do what i love for living?!

Now I'm on my third year at Shenkar college, my main interests are print and application design, enjoying my studies and very exited to start my professional life. For now I'm doing some freelance work from home on my spare time (which barely exists) and helping all my friends and family to bring life to their crazy ideas. 

I guess thats pretty much sums it up, thank you for reading this and hope to hear from you. (:

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